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About Zeynep Erol

Zeynep Erol was born in İstanbul in the year 1960. After graduating from the German High School in İstanbul, she studied German literature at the İstanbul University. After six years of teaching German at a private school in İstanbul, she enrolled in 2 year program to study metal technique at the İstanbul’s famous covered Bazaar in 1989. She then continued her studies in vax design techniques. İn her first years, Zeynep Erol was mainly inspired by nature and created forms with her own modern interpretation. İn later years however, her designs have become more geometrical. Zeynep Erol’s Jewelry reflects her spiritual inner world, affections, relations, feelings, desires and change in the philosophy of life. The main materials used by Zeynep Erol in creating her pieces are; green, white and red gold (18k) together with silver (950). The selection of the remaining materials and the precious stones are chosen differently for each particular theme she wants to get across. A wide range of materials such as coconut shells, pearls, brilliants, sapphire, ruby, emeralds, quartz, glass, rose cut and uncut diamonds, sandalwood and feathers are used by her as necessary.
Zeynep Erol’s theme for her jewelries is ‘Jewelries free of Burden’ which accents the fact that they are very easily used in everyday life. After the opening of her own Gallery in 1996, she began presenting her designs in her own Gallery as well as Aaron Faber in New York, and Electrum Gallery in London. From 1996 to 2001 Zeynep Erol opened her exhibitions between emotions (1997), evolution (1998), a touch of light (1999) and essence (2000). She held her 2002 exhibition in Topkapi palace where she expressed the under caged feelings of harem women. İn 2004 at the Tophane’i Amire, she brought love and ornament in the body together. İn year 2006 where she had her exhibition in the ancient Saint İrene (Hagia İrini) church, Erol wanted to remind us to the holly geometrical form of mankind.’The flower of life’ symbolized a journey into ourselves with the powerful jewelries of Erol.
Cosmic Dance in 2008, Zeynep Erol was searching for wholeness in human being, “we all dance with god to become unified she says. Her jewelries represent our infinite dance.
In 2009 Zeynep erol opened a collectıon with the name Alchemy.She used the ‘telkari’ work in her modern designs,which is a very unique handwork from the süryani people who are living in the eastern region of turkey since the century.
The last collection in 2010 with the name ‘Beyond’ reminds us of the unity of the universe and how to find true love, the love of god and ourselves …which can be discovered only when we take the journey inside of us.
This strong feeling merges with Erol’s modern ans refined jewellery.